Marine Painting & Antifouling.

Premium underwater hull painting

Just like your car or your walls at home, boats also need to be painted! Luckily for you, Everything Marine provides a reputable Marine Painting service that will leave your boat looking as good as new. Underwater Hull paints are important for maintaining the longevity of your boat. By applying multiple coats of an anti-fouling adhesive we are able to improve the performance and durability of your boat long into the future.

Stop corrosion and water damage from effecting the metal hulls of your vessel by applying marine paint. By applying marine paint you are able to avoid the build up of barnacles, micro-organisms and water damage. Our multi-layer application will ensure that your boat is performing at its best!

Professional Antifouling

Antifouling your boat is extremely important to avoid irreversible damages. Fouling occurs when there is a build up of plant and animal life on the submerged parts of your boat. Similar to how structures under the water build up with micro-organism & plant life, your boat could eventually become susceptible to similar damages.

To instantly improve fuel efficiency, performance and durability of your boat antifouling practices can be utilised to remove and prevent your boat from the effects of fouling. Everything Marine use a professional approach to tackling the damages of fouling and apply effective solutions that will prevent the build up of bio-matter into the future.

Marine Painting & Antifouling