Getaway – sort of says it all.

Fancy a weekend away, an overnight stay at a secluded anchorage? Then this new range from Horizon Aluminium Boats will fulfil your dreams. Eminently suited for family cruising, the Getaway range comprises four excellent cabin boats in the 5.15-metre to 5.70-metre range.

Built on a superb hull, which offers stability and a soft ride, the Getaway series will appeal to all in the family when a day (or a weekend) out on the water is the plan. With Horizon’s FastBack transom, miserly fuel efficiency and ample cabin space for protection from the elements, one of the Getaway models will gladden the heart of the most jaded boater.

Select your outboard from the range, 75hp to 150hp and call all hands on deck! You’re ready to set a course for family fun afloat.

Horizon Getaway

Our Getaway Models