Mercury® Diesel 6.7L (480-550hp) Diesel Motors

Premium range of Mercury® Diesel 6.7L (480-550hp) Diesel Motors

Delivers exceptional performance, acceleration and top speed.

Because Zeus drives utilize counterrotating propellers and are mounted on large rubber grommets, gear noise and vibration are significantly reduced for a quiet and comfortable ride. Exhaust fume is nearly eliminated by venting the emission through the propeller hubs where the water flow takes it far back into the wake. 

If the Zeus pod drive were to strike underwater debris, the rear-facing propellers are protected by the pod gearcase and skeg. Additionally, Zeus pods are mounted in a tunnel, keeping the torpedo of the pod at the same depth as the keel – offering further protection. Most floating objects will be deflected downward by the keel and skeg, away from the propellers. However, should the unit come into contact with a substantial object, the skeg is designed to shear below the torpedo, minimizing damage to the pod drive and reducing costly repair bills. By offering a rear-facing pod drive mounted in a tunnel, Everything Marine offers tremendous efficiency improvements without sacrificing safety.